The beauties and the beasts of business travel

Business travelThere are 3 groups of people, which are based on the experience and opinion on business travel:

  1. The ones who do not travel for work, think that it is marvellous and how lucky are the ones who travel.
  2. The ones who travel occasionally, maximum once a month, for example, for a conference, in most of the cases enjoy their experience.
  3. The ones who travel very often, i.e. every week and know how energy demanding this can get.

No matter to which of these groups you belong, this article gives you an insight into other two groups and provides tips on how to enjoy the benefits YOU have right this instance.

Personally, I have been in all of these three groups. Most part of my life I was quite lucky and have experienced the second group, where you do get to travel for work, but this travels are occasional, rather than regular. Overall, I have enjoyed it a lot, as it was not tiring, but refreshing – you do get to see other offices, other styles of work, new people, different cultures and this for sure enriches you as a professional. I consider this group is a golden middle. So if you are part of it – enjoy!

Happy business womanIf you are in the group of the ones who do not travel for business, as I was for 3 years or so, then you might think that the grass is greener and air is fresher somewhere else. You see your colleagues constantly travelling here and there, but you stay in the same office day by day. What you might not realize is that you actually have some very valuable, but obvious assets: your free time and your energy.

Every day after you finish work, you can meet your friends, family, do hobbies – something what is quite difficult to do if you travel regularly. You have something very valuable: regularity and stability in your life. Often we start appreciating these features only when we loose them, so if this is your group – have a fresh look at your life again. Besides, not travelling for work keeps your energy levels up and makes your holiday travels much more exciting and interesting, and if you are an eager traveller – you can use weekends to for that.

And now the group I belong to at the moment – people who travel regularly and a lot for business, i.e. at least once a week. If sometimes you have a feeling that you come home just to change your luggage and do the laundry, if you are more days a month on move rather than being at home – this is your group.

You know that many envy you for how much you travel and to how many different places you have been, but you know, that underneath this seemed beauty there are long working hours, delayed flights, missed family gatherings, cancelled holidays, occasional energy burn out. And unlike many might think, most what you manage to see are numerous airports, hotels, conference rooms and offices. But hey, have you forgotten of all the beauties?

2013-02-08 21.27.44Regular business travel might be very demanding, but work is not the only thing in our lives and you should keep this in mind. I know, you often do not have time, but look around, start noticing and appreciating small things. That beautiful view out of your office window in Switzerland, or that small cute coffee shop nearby your hotel, with the best coffee in the world. For example, I no longer live in Rome, neither I am regular visitor of Milan, but I know that I can buy my favourite gelato Venchy (ice-cream) in Milan airport and I use this opportunity.

When you are abroad, why not to use a free moment (luck break for example) to have a walk around and explore surroundings? Your health would also benefit of it, by the way 😉 Even when you do not have any spare second, you still can think creatively and find a solution. For instance, even though I go to Switzerland every month, to the same office, I like booking different hotels, as then I can use various new routes to arrive to the office in the morning.

Most likely you are travelling regularly to the same places, then you can use this opportunity to make new acquaintances and friends – it can be both your colleagues and completely different people, for example, from your various networks.

Look around and enjoy this moment. Have you ever noticed that wonderful view out of the p2012-10-14 14.58.20lane’s window? Or you have been too busy working on your computer. Have a break. Five minutes won’t make big differences, but your eyes and soul will be thankful for that.

Thus, no matter to which of the three above mentioned groups you belong to, you can always find the beauties of it. But of course, what you see – beauties of the beasts – depends only on you.

To which of these groups do you belong? And what beauties do you see of it? Can you help me with an advice? Please, leave it in the comments below 😉

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