How to find job abroad: my personal experience

Cow bites globeYou have decided to get a job abroad and:
  • Have no idea where to start?
  • What to do first and what can be left for the last minute?
  • Do not know how much work abroad will “cost” you in terms of time, money, not seeing your beloved ones? And therefore not sure whether you actually want to go for it?
  • Do not know where to search for a job?
  • Do not believe in yourself that you can get it?
  • Think that you can just pack your luggage, go to new country and find a perfect job straight away?
You know what? I have been there and done that. I lived and worked abroad, experienced its beauties and difficulties.

MM_in pinkI know how it is: I was offered a job after 2nd job application I have made and I also had situation, when I sent more than 1000 CVs and was not able to get my dream job. On my own skin I felt what works and what does not, and with experience I learnt how to overcome challenges and obstacles in the most effective way.

I am not an HR theorist, who is sitting in the office and advising on what is better to do or not to do, based on what they learnt in books /university or were taught by senior colleagues. I have been there, done that: I was able to get a job at times and in the places, where other people considered it being impossible.

Am I Superwoman? No, I had also my own mistakes. For example, when I moved to Rome, I got my first job pretty fast – in 3 weeks, whereas friends advised me that it will be very hard, close to impossible to find work there even within a year. However that was not my “dream” job. I had 7 year experience in NGO sector in management of International Projects (at that time I was 24, so 7 years was more than enough), and had to work…. as a Receptionist. Well, better than nothing, taking into account that my main reason for moving to Rome was to be with my boyfriend (at that time).

Obviously I did not stop there. I have been continuing my perfect job search. I have been sending and sending my CV… in 2 months I got another, much better job as Marketing and Administration Manager in one international exclusive design studio. Sounds nice, isn’t it? But hey, after a while I have realised that it was not my “perfect” job. So I continued to apply and apply, and again to apply… During a year I sent out I think almost 1000 CVs and applications, and got only around 3-5 interviews. Weird, right? This was against all my personal and theoretical possible statistics (I usually got the first or second job I apply for), usual statistic is 1 out of 10. This was MUCH worse. Why?

Looking back, I can see that I have made many mistakes:
  • UNhappy abroadin the beginning I have been sending CV with mistakes. How awful sounds that? It was in Italian, I gave it to one of my Italian friends who was studying languages to check, so I was sure it must be perfect. Tip: give your CV to check at least to 3 persons!
  • wrong format – I have been sending my “usual” CV, which I have been using for the last 5 years, without bothering to adapt it to the local market
  • another mistake – resume: I have been sending almost the same resume everywhere. I had 3-5 templates, which I have been using constantly. Tip: this is TOO IMPERSONAL. You should actually fit every resume to the employer, using the skills and requirements they are looking for.

And I was applying not for the jobs I actually wanted, but for the jobs society considered are appropriate for me, based on my experience and education. Too much time wasted, too many mistakes.

green tickThus, in order to help you to achieve your results in much shorter period of time and get that perfect job abroad ASAP, I created a course: How to find a perfect job abroad? It consists of four modules and can be accomplished in 4 weeks.  3 options available: basic – just a course + intro session, standard: course + intro + coaching session; exclusive: guided course accomplishment,  4 coaching sessions and email consultations.

Ready? Then you can buy it here:
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 Or you can read more about the course here

And share in the comments below or via Twitter: @HappyAbroad, what kind of mistakes did you do on your way to perfect job abroad?




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  1. This seems so wonderful, Margarita!

    I wish I had had this the first time I was looking for work abroad. It was such a struggle! Whereas using knowledge passed on by you would have let me focus more quickly. Thanks for all of this!

    I’m also so excited to check out the mini course “21 easy steps to a Happier Life Abroad”!

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