What is Happy Abroad? Let’s define happiness.

our happinessThis website’s name is Happy Abroad and constantly I talk about happiness. But what is it?

Happiness: according to Dictionary.com, this world in English language came in 16th century means “pleasant and contented mental state”.

For me happiness means feeling positive, up, joyful, self-confident, loving all the world around me and sense that this feeling is mutual. What does happiness mean for you? – write down in the comments!

Ok, we have defined happiness. But does Happy Abroad equals to overall happiness?

For meHappy Abroad has a bit different meaning. For me it means to sustain the equilibrium, harmony, which creates happiness, no matter where you live at the moment, how often and where you move. You might be excited for a short time, but being happy is not equivalent to it, and you know it.

Here is an example:

During the last 7 years I lived in 7 different places, but during the last 7 months good if I spent 1 week a month at my place of residence – I am on the move constantly. And here the trick is to adapt to a new circumstances, to be flexible enough that all what happens around you helps you to sustain that happiness, rather than disturbs it.

I would lie if I said that I am happy 100% of the time. I am a human being and also have my own ups and downs. But there is a progress: if you work on your happiness abroad, you will see it lasts longer and longer. It’s like physical exercise – the more you train, the more fit you become.

Thus, happiness is not something what comes on its own. It is something what we can develop and nurture.  You do not know how to “train” your happiness while living abroad? Very easy: subscribe to Happy Abroad and we will do training together, it’s more fun in that way!

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