“Do not worry, you still have so much time!” – Really?

How I love when people easily say “do not worry, you still have so much time, because….!” Well, with the first part of the statement I agree – you should not worry, it makes no sense, as there are two options:

  • if you can change situation – then change it
  • if situation is out of your control – just accept it

However the second part “you still have so much time” is something I feel none should ever say. Why? It’s NOT THEIR time! You never know how much time we have and it would be silly not to use the time valuably. Ok, do not get crazy and do not panic that you do not have time, however use your time wisely. Do you enjoy the present moment? Are you happy? Are there any dreams you would like to realise? Then what is holding you back?

Lately I have heard too many “you have so much time”. But look at these people – do you want to be in the place where they are now? These “so much time” thinkers are happy? Successful in all life’s spheres? Would you like to have such life? When someone tells you “you still have so much time”, remember, they are talking about YOUR life, however they are not taking any responsibility of it. And no matter what you decide, it will be your decision and you know what? The consequences of this decision will have an impact first of all on YOU.

In general, there are two options:


  1. To go with a flow and do nothing
  2. To be in charge of your life

I must admit, I am planoholic (I love planning and probably plan sometimes too much), however I have tried both – there were times in my life when I was planning like a crazy, but achieving little, also there were times when I was not planning anything. In both cases I was not really happy. Important is not to write your goals on a sheet of paper, set up an action plan and every day put ticks. It does bring short-term satisfaction, but it barely makes you happy.

Thus, important is to have a clear understanding of what you want in general (imagine yourself when you are 80 years old – what have you done in your life? What have you achieved? What do you own? Do you have a family?…). Sometimes I set 3 months goals, set up weekly action plan and in the end achieve most of the goals – that is sort of an accelerator in my life. However I also leave time to “go with a flow” and “life in a moment”. But even during these times I remember what I want in general – i.e. my dreams (which are not equal to my goals, it’s something higher) as even when you let the river of life bring you somewhere, where you do not know, you still have to make decisions every day, and these decisions will influence your further life. So I just make sure that these decisions fit well my “dream” picture.

In conclusion, whichever way you choose, just be in harmony with yourself. Short note for “go with a flow” followers: that’s great to be relaxed and not to think about anything, but please, do not fool yourself – you still make decisions, choices every day, as decision of doing nothing is also a decision, just be aware of that. And one more thing: as I do not suggest to anyone I meet to have clear goals, set up a weekly action plan and stick to it, please, do not be so pushy in “go with a flow” idea. What works for one might not work for another and vice versa. It’s your life, you choose what you think is the best for you. Love and peace to everyone! 




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