MargaritaHow did I come to coaching?

I have never chosen coaching as my profession, more correctly it chose me. I loved living and travelling abroad, and after I got quite a bit of experience at quite a young age of living, studying and working abroad, my friends, friends of friends and acquaintances came to me for an advice. But the way how I was helping was not just giving information, I tried by asking questions to find out what person desires and what would be the best option to realise those aspirations. Later I found out that it’s called “coaching”.


Even though I came naturally to coaching, I did have prior education as a trainer and facilitator, and I am certified life coach, in addition to my personal interest in psychology and Masters Degree in International Relations.

How you can benefit?

My biggest satisfaction is to be of service and help as many people as possible in the field, which I mastered through my experience, practical, theoretical and academic knowledge – successful life abroad and in multicultural environment:

  • 2014-03-25 15.20.3516 + years of international experience
  • 9 years of life abroad
  • studied in 4 countries, including Masters in International Relations from UK (University of Bath) and Italy (University of Siena)
  • lived in 10+ cities/towns and moved within the cities even more times
  • always worked in International arena, in multiple countries with partners from all continents
  • personal skills: adaptability, understanding, caring, flexibility, responsibility, determination for result
  • the most important: I learnt how to get stability in an unstable environment, how to feel happy and be satisfied with your life and I am ready to share this with you!

Ready to benefit? Book now free introductory session, where we will explore how you can get to happy, joyful and satisfying life abroad here.

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