Break it or make it or 25 steps to end your international relationship

half fruitYou are having too good relationship with your partner, who has different cultural background? You want to end this relationship? Here is what you should do (please read it all, the most important points are in the end):


  1. Do not listen to your partner, assume that all what your partner says is rubbish, show that his/her point of view is not important to you at all.
  2. Never talk about how both of you see your future together.
  3. Be dishonest and never tell the truth to your partner.
  4. Always complain about everything.
  5. When you meet, never do anything interesting together: watching TV every single night you meet is the best.
  6. Ignore your partner. How? The best way is aggressive ignorance: when you do not like that your partner does something, stop talking to them, but never ever try to explain the cause. You will see it has a magnificent effect!
  7. Argue. A lot. About everything: what to order in the restaurant, what s/he should wear, even about words s/he tells you!
  8. Never say compliments, otherwise your partner might think that you like them.

paper1Feelings and emotions

9. Do not care about your partner feelings, s/he will survive. Especially do not ever dare to say to your partner “I love you”.
10. Be super jealous, it is really good point on the way to break up.
11. Never trust your partner, always check his/her social network accounts, emails, mobile phones, whenever you have opportunity.
12. Do not show any respect to your partner. How? For example, shout at him/her in public.
13. Do not be faithful, especially if you have agreed that you will have an exclusive relationship.


photo 114. Do not try to figure out what your partner likes/dislikes. Do everything against your partner’s wishes and desires. Who cares?
15. Always highlight when your partner does something wrong, in the end of the day, you always know better and you are always the right one!
16. If something goes wrong, do not try to fix it, escalate it!


17. Do not tolerate his/her culture.
18. Never try to learn his/her language.


paper319. If you are in a long-distance relationship, never try arranging your meetings in advance. Pickup the phone and ask your partner to come whenever it is convenient for you.
20. Do not ever dare to introduce him/her to your close friends and family.
21. Take all that your partner does for granted.
22. Do not tell to your partner about any health issues you might have.
23. Never ever help your partner with the housework or anything else.
24. Be busy all the time, do not find time for your partner, or if you have to find, then make sure that s/he is your least priority.
25. Use dating websites and date other people, while being in relationship.

And now, BONUS, the most important point: if you really want to be happy, never ever do any of the above-mentioned points!


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