Happy Abroad was created to help expatriates, or simply people who live abroad to:

  • be fulfilled and happy anywhere you are;
  • to overcome feelings of loneliness and exclusion;
  • to manage cultural shock;
  • to find new friends and connections;
  • to develop cultural awareness and integrate it into your life;
  • to stop hating the country you live in and people around, and start enjoying your experience abroad.


Expatriate consultation, training and coaching. Happy Abroad focus are mainly self-made expatriates, who do not have backing of multinational corporate organisation, but have means and wants. Ladies and gentlemen who made a choice to live abroad and now need a bit of support to transfer this from “okeish” experience into “great experience” of life abroad.


  • 1:1 consultations and coaching
  • workshops in London and worldwide
  • personal approach: you are unique, you have YOUR life, so you will get that special attention and unique approach to YOUR needs and matters, and together we will move from “oh well” to “this is amazing”. Book an introductory call now and we will discuss how.

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